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Philippine medical team visits Daejeon University Seoul Korean Medicine Hospital

페이지 정보

Date 2019-11-12 View 308


De Losantos Medical Center, Philippines Rene Catan, Mr. Jun O. Villacampa visited Daejeon University Seoul Korean Medicine Hospital on September 11 and participated in the hospital tour and medical experience.

Medical staff at De Losantos Medical Center in the Philippines visited various medical facilities such as high frequency thermal cancer treatment room, vaccine injection room, moxibustion treatment room, amputee temperature bath, hospitalization room, and experienced medical system and medical service. Particular attention was paid to cancer treatment methods and equipment such as high-frequency heat cancer treatment.

“I think this is an opportunity to deepen the relationship between hospitals through this visit,” said Yoo Hwa-seung. “We will lead the future of Korea-Philippines' cooperation for the development of global healthcare.”