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Disease prediction personal genetic testing services


The gene is the blueprint of our body.
Knowing my body's blueprint, allows me to know what disease I am vulnerable to, and how to manage it accordingly.

HelloGene is a personal genetic testing service that helps you customize your health by predicting disease.

Individual characteristics are contained in genetic information.

Genes (DNA) contain information that can reveal individual characteristics, such as individual differences in risk for specific diseases and drug effects.

Disease causing factors

Disease is a combination of inherited genetic factors and manageable environmental factors.

Daejeon University Seoul Korean Medicine Hospital uses the HelloGene service to predict patients' diseases.
And based on HelloGene's data, we provide personalized care for our patients.

Disease prediction

Disease management

Health Screening Program

HelloGene Service Type

HelloGene Service Type
Platinum Lite

38 Type
Cancer 11 Types + Common Disease 27 Types

A solid configuration that allows you to see the onset of cancer and common diseases at once. It is recommended for those who have a family history of cancer or common diseases or those who want to improve the quality of life through proactive prevention against disease.


48 Type
Cancer 11 Types + Common Disease 27 Types + Physical Characteristics 6 Types + Food/Drug Response 4 Types

A comprehensive health care service that provides information on drug reactions and physical traits such as alcohol and nicotine dependence, in addition to cancer and common diseases.

  • [Physical Characteristics]
    Fibrinogen response to ambient particulate material, malocclusion, triglycerides level, alcohol dependence, nicotine dependence, high myopia.
  • [Food/Drug Response]
    Warfarin maintenance dose, cyclophosphamideinduced adverse drug reactions, ACEI therapy in hypertensive, methamphetamine psychosis.

HelloGene Service Process

HelloGene Service Process
  • 1 Completion of Test Application and forms

    Visit the hospital to complete the HelloGene service request and consent forms. (Essential legal procedure for genetic analysis)

  • 2 Sampling of blood

    Small volume of blood required.

  • 3 Experiments and analysis

    DNA extracted from the blood will be decoded and analyzed for genetic information.

  • 4 Results

    A report containing personal genetic information.

  • 5 Consultation with a medical professional

    Professional medical consulting on disease susceptibility based on family history and high genetic risks provided by HelloGene checkup. Personalized healthcare planning process.


At this time, personal genetic information cannot be implemented outside of a medical institution based on the Bioethics and Safety Act, Chapter 4 Genetic Testing, Article 25, Paragraph 3 (Restrictions on Genetic Testing).

Hellogene service is available at Daejeon University Seoul Korean Medicine Hospital.

No, HelloGene is available for all ages.
However, minors under the age of 18 need written consent from their legal guardians.

After DNA is extracted from the customer’s blood, an experiment is conducted to confirm whether or not the genetic mutation is present.

Experimental results are interpreted and produced in report form through an automation system. The outcome report is sent to the referral hospital and can be consulted through a doctor.

HelloGene’s DNA decoding has a 99.9% accuracy rate. In order to minimize the error rate, we carry out experiments twice for each sample to maintain highest accuracy.

HelloGene does not have a risk of personal information leak as the information is received by the hospital in an anonymous state.

Genetic analysis results are stored in an anonymous security system that can only be viewed by security personnel.