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Integrative medicine treatment is integral for management of various side-effects that may accompany conventional anti cancer therapies such as surgery, and chemotherapy.

The integrative approach can improve the immune system thereby allowing patients to complete the treatment cycle, while also improving quality of life.

If you are suffering very badly from side-effects that make you want to quit anti-cancer treatment, you may want to try an integrative medicine approach.

The treatment is effective, safe, and can improve overall effects of conventional medicine.

There are an increasing number of accumulating evidence in the scientific field that further support its use.

One of the biggest side effects of anticancer therapy is that it weakens the overall immune system.

In fact, the immune system is an important line of defense in the body that prevents microcarcinoma from becoming active.

Even if the present cancer cells become smaller after anticancer treatment, if your immune system does not normalize quickly, it is hard to stay healthy.

Integrative treatment medicine for cancer therapy allows your body to maintain its immunity that leads to happier and healthier mind and body.